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Let Me Introduce Myself!

Heyyyy, It‘s me, Kellyann!

I thought I would start this blog by saying hello and introducing myself with some random facts:

  • I have another business which entails squeezing, playing and loving tiny humans. (professionally that is translated to - I am a newborn baby photographer eeekkk!)

  • I have the CUTEST Lhasa Apso. Her name is Charley - she is my baby but also is the reason I have more grey hairs than I should 🥴

  • My middle finger slightly bends to the right when I straighten it. Only on one hand - strange right?

  • I am going to be my brother's best woman at his wedding in March which I am super excited about as he was my best man!

  • I am currently off the sugar - I love anything sweet. I also love two sugars in my tea however at the moment I am back to sweetners 😭 anyone else feel my pain?

  • Me and my wife just recently travelled NC500 (which I would highly recommend) in a motorhome which felt like driving a bus - the thing was 7 meters long 😆 I think my nerves are still recovering!

I would love to get to know you as well - say hi 🤍

Whats the vision for Twenty Sixty One?

I wanted to create an inclusive brand that sells baby goods that you just adore! As you know we sell beautiful unisex outfits and baby accessories from our carefully sourced brands but the dream is to one day sell our very on brand of clothing and create bespoke boxes for you to gift to your family and friends that are expecting their own bundle of joy. Here at TSO we want people to feel special, appreciated and know that your custom is at the heart of everything we do.

My Assistant:

Meet Charley, she likes to reap the benefits of our hard work but if I am honest she doesn't do much except look cute and keep me company on my days working from home.

There are soooo many exciting things to come for Twenty Sixty One and I can't wait to share it with you all.

mucho love, Kellyan xox

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